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Church of Prophecy Marker Association

CPMA Leader: Karen Keel

Church of Prophecy Marker Association


The Church of Prophecy Marker Association serves a purpose for the Church similar to what Communion does for us as Christians. As the Communion service is observed in remembrance of Christ, so the CPMA ministry keeps us reminded of Christ's Church - its nature, function, purpose, doctrine, organization, and distinguishing marks. Its ministry is designed to keep us mindful of the peculiarities of the Bible Church.

Purpose of the CPMA


Since its beginning in 1941, the purpose and function of the Church of Prophecy Marker Association has broadened from it original ministry context. The spirit of the auxiliary attests to the necessity of the CPMA becoming a vital force in every local church and community. Its ministry is imperative to the future progress of the Church, and its ability to assist is necessary to the ushering forward of Biblical perfection.Currently, the CPMA department of the Church operates a six-fold ministry: 1.To build, beautify, and maintain Church markers: local churches, State/National/General Headquarters buildings and properties2.To keep the vision of the Church as revealed clear in the minds of the Church membership3.To "...make all men see..."(Ephesians 3:9) the mystery of The Church of God4.To be living markers or testaments of Jesus Christ and promote the perfection of the Church; "...his wife hath made herself ready..." (Revelation 19:7)5.To preach and teach the history, purpose, and doctrine of the Church - past, present, and future.6.To boost CPMA membership and organize fund-raising plans to promote monthly offeringsThe Church of Prophecy Marker Association has proven to be a great blessing to the Church in helping Her draw closer to fulfilling the Great Commission. We can see that this auxiliary has been given by God to help direct the Church in accomplishing the intended goal - the perfection of the saints. Since God has given this auxiliary to His Church, its success depends upon the dedication and inspiration of those responsible for it. The challenge for all CPMA leaders is to become truly inspired with an anointed plan to accomplish God's divine purpose.The Church of God must press toward perfection. An old slogan for us to consider is, "Being ready for the Lord's return is having the work all done. If each CPMA leader is clear and excited about this ministry, the people will be the same. The spirit of the auxiliary to quickly take hold of the Church and people will begin to understand from the Scripture that "...without a vision the people perish..." (Proverbs 29:18).

History of the CPMA


On October 20, 1941, the Church of Prophecy Marker Association was accepted by The Church of God as an auxiliary by unanimous agreement as recommended by the Questions and Subjects Committee. Its stated purpose was to locate, mark, beautify, and maintain places of biblical interest and other prominent places in the world in connection with the Church of the Bible. It was also stated that further developments in the auxiliary were to be worked out later.During the 28th Annual Assembly in 1943, General Overseer A.J. Tomlinson appointed a General Secretary to the CPMA. The man chosen for the job was Grady R. Kent. In the auxilary's humble beginnings, numerous fund-raisers were implemented to generate financial support of the CPMA's ministry programs. Before long, individual states were donating large sums of money to help accelerate projects, including the building of additional markers at Fields of the Wood, beautification and preservation of the First Assembly grounds, and the investment in other markers that would be placed as God directed.In today's Church offerings and membership funds collected help to maintain, beautify, and expand our General Headquarters property and buildings in Cleveland, Tennessee. The spirit of the CPMA will also behoove us to maintain our local church properties and keep them clean. The places where we assemble and worship the Lord continue to be a marker unto Him.

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